Style Me Up – Disney Watercolour books


When I was at Toy Fair the other week I came across these fabulous Disney watercolour Sketchbooks and couldnt wait to show them to my girls. Both Elizabeth and Alison love colouring in and painting so I knew that they would really enjoy these books.

They come in a variety of sizes and designs and we were sent two of the medium sized sets. Alison went for Cinderella and Elizabeth went for Disney Descendants Mal.

The sets include a sheet of embellishment stickers, a sheet of template stickers, 5 watercolour paints, 4 watercolour pencils, a paint brush, a book showing tips and techniques and 15 sheets to paint. Each book had three designs and 5 copies of each design.
The girls couldnt wait to get started and seen as all we had to do was add water it didnt take them long to create their first masterpiece.
The girls both really enjoyed learning how to use watercolours and learning the techniques such as colour mixing and how to make the different shades based on the amount of water/paint used.