Slugs and Snails and monkey tails


The first few flakes of snow this week meant that I have finally been able to put daisy chain baby’s leg warmers to the test. not on my obviously although I wish they did come in my size.

These are really lovely, the colours are vibrant, the material is stretch and Elizabeth said they are really warm. Plus they are pink and they have monkeys on them which automatically makes her love them

A great way to ensure that her legs stay warm in the cold weather and a good price too at just £6.00


If you have a boy and a girl you may at some point have put him in his sisters tights when the weather turns really cold but now he can have his own.

Alison chose these Slugs and Snails tights for herself, mostly because they are green. I love how thick they are and how bright and simplistic the design is. You can also get boats, planes and even trucks but none of those were green so she wasn’t having any of those ones.

They certainly feel and look like they can withstand the rough and tumble that comes with having a boy (or a girl who falls over a lot like Alison)

We received both of these products for the purpose of this review.