Shopkins Happy Places app by Kuato Studios

My girls spend more time of their iPads than I would like to admit but we do control what apps that have so I don’t feel too guilty. We have recently downloaded the Shopkins Happy Places from Moose Enterprises and Kuato Studios. Available for free on the app store the Shopkins Happy Places app allows you to decorate your Lil’ Shoppies house with Petkins. The game has been designed for children aged 5 to 8.

The game begins with Lil’ Shoppie Jessicake moving into her house in Happyville. You can change the wallpaper in each room and add the different Petkins to the rooms to decorate. You also need to respond to your Lil’ Shoppies needs which she will show in a bubble above her head.

As you complete these tasks you earn money and when you get to 25 you receive a delivery. So far our deliveries have included a variety of Petkins including some rare and ultra rare ones.

You can also purchase boxes which cost £1.99 and include 5 items which they state will all be new items that you do not already have.

One of the things that Elizabeth really likes about the Shopkins Happy Places app is the fact that when you touch each Petkin it responds in a different way and that you can place Petkins together such as putting the toast in the toaster or a dish into the oven. You can even add candles to the candlestick and light them by pressing them.

So far in the Shopkins Happy Places app we have had a few of the #HouseGoals challenges during these challenges the Lil’ Shoppies Jessicake told us what items she wanted and we had to place them to complete the challenge. The more you play the more of these challenges you will unlock although we found if we had too many Pekins in a room then the challenges were not activated. The challenges give you 5 money points so it is worth emptying your rooms occasionally to activate these challenges. The more you play the more you will be able to do and soon you will also be able to unlock new Happy places and Lil’ Shoppies to play with.

One of the cool features of this game is that you can share pictures from your house. You can change the hashtag in the corner and you can change each image that is displayed. You can then save this by pressing the camera button.

Elizabeth has had lots of fun with this app so far and she loves receiving the deliveries so that she can get new Petkins. I like the fact that a new delivery is after you collect just 25 bits of money as this is not too hard to do but does require a bit of patience. She is looking forward to collecting more Petkins,  Happy Places and Lil’Shoppes in the Shopkins Happy Places App.