Schleich Mobile Vet with Hanovarian Foal

We get to play with a lot of toys, most of which end up going to charity or friends within a few weeks once the kids stop playing with them.  This means that when my kids keep going back to the same toy I really start to take notice. In August of 2016 we reviewed the Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre which Elizabeth absolutely loved. She then asked for more Schleich horses for her Christmas present. Roll forward another year and the riding centre and horses are still played with frequently. Schleich products are on the expensive side but the quality is extremely high and something that I am happy to spend my money on. We have been sent the Schleich Mobile Vet with Hanovarian Foal to add to our collection.

The Schleich Horse Club mobile vet van did need putting together and it also came with some stickers to place but thankfully the instructions were really clear on where to place them.

The set includes some brilliant accessories which really make the play experience fantastic. The little laptop, x-ray machine and vet equipment are brilliant but the double sided horse diagram/horse leg x-ray really helped to get their imaginations going.

The Mobile vet van has a roof that opens up as well as one side that opens out into a platform. This is propped up by a set of stairs that can be placed on either side.


Accessory wise you receive some medicine, a stethoscope, a syringe, bandage and a medicine chest as well as the laptop, table, chair and X-ray machine.

The doors at the front of the Mobile Vet van can be opened and the seats can even be moved forward and backwards.

The female vet doll has jointed arms and legs. The Hanovarian Foal comes with a blue harness which is easy to place on its head and some green apples.

To help with the imaginative play you also receive a vets note pad where you can mark down everything that is wrong with the patient and some Horse Club plasters.

The Schleich products really help to enhance imaginative play and the Horse Club sets are easy to expand. Elizabeth has already written a list of some of the other Horse Club products that she would like for Christmas.