Rubiks 2 x 2 and Rubiks Race


When I first saw the Rubik’s 2 x 2 I must admit that I thought to myself that it would be easier than the standard Rubik’s cube, I mean how hard could it be to get 24 coloured squares in the right position? Well the answer would be very hard. I still have not managed it. I have got close. Just not close enough.

I have never been very good at Rubiks cubes which has always frustrated me. I am a logical person, give me most puzzles and I can solve them easily and quickly. Rubiks cubes however have always defeated me.

I loved playing with the Rubiks 2 x 2 but I have to admit defeat and I have now handed it off to the children to play with whilst I scowl at it from a distance.


Not being able to complete a Rubik’s cube however is no longer barrier against playing with coloured squares. It seems that they are branching out into new forms and I for one absolutely love the new Rubik’s race game.

This game is suitable for all the family and Alison really enjoys having a go too. A great game that allows you to race against each other to get your nine centre squares matching the puzzle cube.

That is not the only way to play though and it gets really interesting when you move onto the other challenges described in the rule booklet.

Alison really enjoys making her own patterns and taking her time to see how the colours move around which I think it brilliant for her observation skills as well as problem solving.

I cant wait to play this again my mum as both of us are pretty quick with logic puzzles. I need someone a bit more challenging than my four year old and in my Mum I might finally have met my match!