re:creation Magic Choc Make-a-bar chocolate factory

We love making our own gifts and Make-a-bar my Magic Choc is the perfect way to make a gift that the receiver will really enjoy. The Make-a-bar sets come with three chocolate sachets, dark, white and milk as well as a tray and some stencils. You can also make your own stencils. The chocolate is melted in a bowl of water from the tap which means that it doesn’t get too hot and there is no need to use the microwave or boiling water. You just cut the corners of the sachets and squeeze which is really easy to do.

Alison decided to make a bar for Gaming Daddy of Two for Fathers day as well as make one for herself.

Once you have drawn your outline in dark chocolate and filled the design with white chocolate you use the larger milk chocolate sachet to fill in the rest. Then place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes and your creation is ready.
The kids each make one chocolate bar and priced at around £4 they are a great low cost gift. You could even get quite a few and have a chocolate making party. As they set really quickly you could make the bars and then send each child home with their creation.
Alison really enjoyed her bar but my own comment is that because it has such a low melting point it is a little bit messy when it comes to eating it so it might be worth wrapping it in cling film to prevent chocolate fingers.