Ravensburger – Finging Nemo Puzzles


I have been reviewing Ravensburger puzzles for a while now but it was only on this box that I finally noticed the fact that the pieces are made from high quality recycled card and that each piece is cut to a different shape meaning you can not put the wrong piece into the puzzle. I think that is fabulous and great way of getting the children to develop their puzzle making skills.

My girls love Finding Nemo, as with most Disney shows and the quality of the licensed merchandise is fantastic. The picture quality is amazing and it shows a wide variety of characters from the show. The girls loved the turtle one even though they said the puzzle was too easy. I think it is time I started getting them harder Jigsaws. Not sure if I would go past a 50 piece one yet but 12 is just a bit too easy.

Once again Ravensburger have taken the time to help the children identify the puzzle pieces into their individual puzzle by adding some really snazzy borders around them. There is also enough details in the backgrounds to help allocate pieces right from the very start.

I also love teh fact that Ravensburger place a guarantee on their puzzles so that they guarantee the quality of the pieces. In the past I have been temped by cheaper jigsaw manufacturers but I soon regretted it when the picture started peeling or the pieces became bent whilst being put together.

Not sure what else you could want in a puzzle, its sturdy, long lasting, environmentally friendly and has great characters on it to make the children want to play with it.

We received this for the purpose of this review