Raggedy Doll from Whitestep


Being sent a doll is something that I thought might end in disaster because neither of my girls like dolls but Raggedy Doll from Whitestep is obviously different. The quality of the raggedy doll is really high and the colour is very bright.

The tiny baby doll that sits in her stomach is the thing the girls love best and it has taken its place in the girls backpack rather than in its mummy. This Raggedy doll is definitely a baby wearer with a pocket in the front and in the back.

The doll had a “My name is” tag and I  love the fact that it was up to the children to name her although mine have yet to agree on a name.

I would say that if the girls were younger then Raggedy doll may be played with more than she currently is and I would recommend her for 12-18 months.

Raggedy Doll retails at £22.99 from Whitestep