Power Dough small Unicorn set

We were recently set the new Power Dough small unicorn set from Canal Toys. Power Dough is a fun modelling set that allows your creations to come to life.

Suitable for ages 3 years plus, the power dough small unicorn set comes with 2 dough colours, 6 mix and match accessories and 2 power parts.

The power parts included in the Power Dough small unicorn set includes a light power part and a movement power part. Each of these can only be activated when inserted into the power dough (these work in any dough compound)

The dough in the power dough set isn’t the best quality dough compound we have used so I am really glad that you can use these parts with other compounds. We found the power dough to crack easily and is not as versatile to use as other compounds. The parts and accessories in the kit are really fantastic though and they help to bring your creations to life.

We did struggle to be able to place both power parts in the head as shown in the image on the box. These parts are quite big so they actually get in the way of each other when building in this way. If you had more dough and could make a bigger model then you might be able to have both power parts in the head. To get around this problem we placed the moving power part in the body section and used the tail accessory and then used the light up power part in the head for the eyes and this worked well.

Canal toys makes a variety of different sets using the power parts including larger sets such as magic pets and vehicle kits, medium sets such as sea animals and funny pets, small sets such as this unicorn set and a monsters set and even smaller starter sets to make a Dragon, Monkey, Unicorn or a Cat.