Pop Chef


Have you ever been cooking with the kids and they are using some lovely shaped cutters only to have the bread, dough, biscuit get stuck in the cutter. By the time you get it out it no longer looks like the shape you were trying to make.

Pop Chef prevents this happening. The fantastic little invention comes with 6 shaped cutters (Butterfly, Flower, Sun, Heart, Circle, Star), a recipe booklet and 25 bamboo skewers. As soon as we received this Elizabeth could not wait to try it and it was fantastic to watch as she got the hang of it really easily and made some fruit kebabs for her and her sister to share.

The Pop chef is fabulous at cutting fruit, vegetables and sandwiches into fun shapes but it can also be used for biscuit dough or to make cake decorations from icing giving you the professional look with none of the hassle.

This is one kitchen gadget I would definitely recommend, especially for those whose kids love to help out and at less than £10 it is cheap too.