Playmais classic bucket – fun mess free crafts

Alison absolutely loves getting creative but my husband absolutely hates the mess. We were recently sent a bucket of PlayMais which is a great modelling material that is easy to use. The PlayMais classic bucket contains 1000 pieces which are more than enough to create some brilliant pieces.

PlayMais is a completely natural crafting material that is biodegradable. Made from corn and water and coloured with food colouring it is safe for kids to eat it but that doesn’t make it a food substance and it shouldn’t be consumed.

The PlayMais Classic bucket comes with a small flat sponge and a plastic knife to help with getting creative. The great thing about PlayMais is that it sticks together with just water. You only need to dampen it to get it to stick and it sticks to a variety of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, glass and flower pots. As it sticks to lots of surfaces you need to be really careful so it doesn’t stick to anything you dont want it to stick to.

The PlayMais Classic bucket comes with a sheet of different ideas for things to create along with some step by step ideas. These are a great starting point for getting creative.

Alison made a tree using the instructions in the leaflet and then created a bumble bee. PlayMais is easy to shape with your fingers and can be rolled, squeezed and cut to create whatever you desire.

PlayMais is ideal for crafters young and old. It is easy to use so great for fine motor skills, it is natural so it isn’t bad for the environment and it allows you to get really creative. You can download some additional design ideas from the PlayMais website.