Play-Doh Cupcake celebration

I love Play-Doh, the kids love Play-Doh, gaming daddy of two not so much! Even still I was very excited to be offered the chance to review the new Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration set as we have not had new Play-Doh in ages.

As per usual the Play-Doh set came in a variety of different pieces but they clipped together easily following the basic instructions.
Once clipped together it was time to get started on making the cupcakes. To begin with you make your base and then add your icing. Once iced you can choose a variety of ways to decorate your cupcake (or all of them if you are greedy like me!). Use the circus tent mold to create a cookie, add sprinkles and even create a small decoration to go on the top. There are a huge selections of molds for the small cake decorations and you can find them decorating the bottom of the cupcake cases, the ferris wheel, the base and even under the circus tent.


The one thing that we did find which we didnt think about was that the different types of Play-Doh worked better with the different accessories. As you can see in the photo below the standard Play-Doh was much better at creating sprinkles than the Play-Doh plus. I found that the Play-Doh plus was really good for the small molds to make the cake decorations as they picked up the details easily.
We had loads of fun creating our cupcakes. My only issues with the set is that once put together it is hard to dismantle which means it won’t then fit back in the box!