Philips Steam Through Sunday Challenge

August 19, 2014 Off By Laura TMOT
By Gaming Daddy of Two

They say that ironing is the worst chore in the world, however, I’m not sure as I already take responsibility for quite a few horrible chores known to modern families (washing the pots, rubbish disposal, laundry, vacuuming, cooking).  When I do get time to iron it’s usually on a Sunday night just before the girls are due back at school.  I can honestly spend a good couple of hours wading through creased shirts and skirts in readiness for the forthcoming week.

TiredMummyofTwo received a gift this week, which I think was more intended for me, in the form of a Philips Steam Iron.  The SpeedCare claims to half the time spent doing your weekly iron so you can spend more time with the family.  Sounds like a bad idea if I’m being honest, as I do enjoy my quiet time on Sunday sat ironing and watching something interesting on telly, however, I then saw the upside of being able to get more gaming time on a Sunday night rather than ploughing through white polo shirts.  Only kidding! Of course it’s so I can spend more quality time with my wife and kids.

When I first saw the Philips SpeedCare iron, I was immediately drawn to the huge water tank, which is designed to be big so that you save time of refilling.  I really liked this idea as one bug bear when using a normal iron is constantly having to top up the water.  Also, I was really impressed to learn that the water is fed to the iron plate through a hose pipe, so there’s no longer any snag with my plug socket.  All in all the SpeedCare has it’s features that makes ironing a lot easier.

So with some free time on my hands this past Sunday, Elizabeth and I decided to visit EUREKA!, a children’s museum in Halifax town centre.  It’s a great place that I visited as a child with school and I’d also been there recently with my family.  Elizabeth had a great time with her Daddy playing in the mini Halifax bank and the M&S supermarket.  We also had some fun playing dentist in the ‘All About Me’ themed area.