Peppy Pups Pug – for when you can’t have a real dog

A few weeks ago we were sent a Peppy Pups Pug one of the new Peppy Pups characters from Flair. My girls had both seen Peppy Pups adverts on the TV and they love pugs so they were desperate to get their hands on one of these but I had serious doubts. You see Peppy Pups are for ages 2 plus and with my girls being 7 and 8, I was convinced they were far too old.

Peppy Pups is the bouncing walking action dog that has no batteries and is completely kid powered. Peppy Pups have spring action legs, neck and tail which gives them a lovely cute little waddle when they are pulled along using the leash. Their tails wag and their head bobs up and down as the spring action legs allow the Peppy Pups Pug to bounce along beside the child.

Peppy Pups have rubber feet with grooves that help to give them a realistic waddle as the feet catch on the floor and then spring back.

The leash is long enough for both of my girls to use and we have taken our Peppy Pups Pug to the supermarket a few times and had lots of comments on how cute it is (although the jangling of the bell on his collar is a little bit annoying).

I honestly expected the girls to lose interest in the Peppy Pups Pug within minutes and yet it has been constantly by their side in the house and when we go out. Peppy Pups are available in a few different designs and are soft cuddly pups that all young kids would love to take with a walk. My girls are both desperate for a real dog and for now this is making a great replacement.