Nurturing Baby Annabell

Something about this picture tugs at my heart, she absolutely loves her Baby Annabell doll and has been caring for her ever since she arrived. I wasn’t sure if Elizabeth would be interested in looking after a doll as she hasn’t shown up interest in them in the past but this time she seems to have really enjoyed it.

Baby Annabell

 When we first received the box Elizabeth harassed me almost constantly to get it open so she could start playing. I love the way that Baby Annabell is displayed in the box looking very peaceful and inviting children to play with her.


Baby Annabell takes 4 AA batteries and comes with her bib, dummy, necklace, and bottle. She is like a real baby with realistic baby sounds and facial expressions. She can drink real water from her bottle with realistic mouth movements as she opens and closes her eyes. After drinking she needs to be burped or she will cry.


 Baby Annabell sucks on her dummy with sucking sounds, mouth movements and closes her eyes. She cries real tears from the water reserve that is filled when she drinks. She can be calmed down by rocking her or stroking her cheek. If only real babies could be calmed down as easily!


 Elizabeth absolutely loves her Baby Annabell and takes her to bed each night. She loves the way her face moves and the noises she makes and she really loves the fact that she really drinks and cries.
Nurturing a doll in this way is a great way for children to learn empathy and caring. Baby Annabell has a huge range of accessories that can be used with her including a variety of outfits, a changing unit, pushchairs, nappies and so much more. We would definitely recommend this Baby Annabell as it is the first doll that Elizabeth has really bonded with and wanted to care for.