Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb is out now on Digital HD!#nightatthemuseum3

I have loved all of the Night at the Museum films and this one is no exception. The whole premise for the films is that an ancient tablet from Egypt allows the exhibits of the museum to come to life. Over the course of the movies this has led to hilarious consequences but in this film things have started to go wrong. The Ancient tablet is fading and with it the magic needed to keep the museum exhibits alive. To help prevent this from happening Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller, has to journey to London to visit Ahkmenrah’s father at the British Museum. Taking the tablet with him causes the exhibits in the British Museum to come to life for the first time and chaos erupts, sometimes literally.

The film features many fantastic actors including Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Ben Kingsley and Ricky Gervais and is a must see for the whole family.

To celebrate the launch of Night at the Museum 3 on Digital HD we were sent a special box of themed gifts to enjoy. The favourite being a cuddly toy monkey that looks like Dexter. This was whipped away before I could even take a photo. We were also send this craft set called Mummies & More which will enable us to create our own Mummies, write in Hieroglyphics and decorate a sarcophagus. It is for ages 8 plus so it needs a lot of adult supervision and I need to do it when Gaming Daddy of Two is not around as it looks like it could get messy.

We were also sent to dressing up outfits for the girls by Party Delights. They sell party supplies and fancy dress costumes online and have a huge selection to choose from. We chose the Roman costumes for the girls to tie in with the film but they have so much to choose from including Disney characters.
We would definitely recommend that you watch the Night at the Museum films including this one. Some times sequels never match up to the first but I love this one especially as we can visit the British Museum and see the exhibits featured in the film.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

ps. this promo video is really cool