My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle

One thing that both of my kids have always enjoyed doing is using their imaginations whilst playing and we found the best way to facilitate that was with a playset from one of their favourite characters. Although Alison is a complete tomboy they both enjoy watching My Little Pony on the POP TV channel. We were recently sent the My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle to review.


The My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle came in quite a few pieces and includes Princess Cadance and Baby Flurry Heart. The castle is aimed at children aged 3 plus due to small parts and takes 3 AAA batteries which are used to create the light up effect.


The castle went together easily with the pieces clicking into place following the provided instructions. There were a handful of stickers to place which whilst slightly annoying were not enough to really irritate me.  When put together the Crystal Empire Castle is around 60cm tall and it’s easy enough to move around which means it doesn’t need to stay in one place and get in the way. The castle came with a variety of jewels and accessories for Princess Cadance as well as a mirror, chair, baby bassinet and a picture frame of the other ponies.

I love the fact that there is also a swing for Baby Flurry Heart to sit in and that she clips into the seat nicely. There are lots of levels to play on and it really encourages the imagination.

The main feature of the Crystal Empire Castle is the light up floor/ceiling. On the ground floor, you will find moving projections of a heart, star and diamond and on the first floor white floor lighting. This is activated by pressing the heart button in the centre of the floor on level one. There are a few different modes including fast spinning, slow spinning, static lights and off. This adds a wonderful dimension to the playset.

The My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle playset brings to life elements of the My Little Pony TV show in a way that is fun yet affordable way and allows kids to act out the scenes from the show or create their very own.

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