Mrs Browns Boys board game

Mrs Brown’s Boys board game is a cross between pictionary, charades and who I am with the added fecks and cups of tea that are synonymous with Mrs Brown’s Boys. In your teams you make your way around the board hoping to be the first to arrive on Party Night. As you go around you must Talk about a subject without hesitation or repetition, Draw a picture for your team mates to guess or Act out your clue without talking.  You might also have to play what the feck am I  where you place the stupid looking head band on your head and have to guess what you are by asking yes or no questions to the other players.

Each time you take a go you need to press the buzzer and Mrs Brown will speak at a random time between 20-45 seconds and the phrases used determines whether you stay still, move forward or move backwards. The voice on the timer is recognisable as Mrs Brown and the phrases on the cards are definitely for the older generation with the age recommended on the box from 16 years plus.

This game will definitely be coming out again at Christmas time and if your family is anything like mine and enjoy a good board game over a few drinks during the festive season then I would definitely recommend this for a good laugh.