Monsters University Soundtrack

July 8, 2013 Off By Laura TMOT


With only five days left until Monsters University is in the cinema it has already become apparent that this will be a huge hit. The Monsters University brand is everywhere from Top Trump playing cards to board games. I have seen the brand on so many items over the last week as I have attended Xmas in July conventions.

The Soundtrack to movies is something that we usually buy so that the kids have something interesting to listen to in the car. I was a bit disappointed at first that it is mostly instrumentals but I hold with something I heard a few years ago. If you are listening to something new listen to it three times. If you still don’t like it then it is not for you.

I actually really enjoyed the quality of the orchestras playing and can almost picture what would be happening on the screen at that specific moment in time.

I am sure once we have watched the film it will become even more of a favourite but for now it is a good chilling out CD for the car.

You can buy it on itunes now