Monsters University Monopoly Junior


I personally am not a lover of Monopoly, it reminds of long boring days sat around a board watching my siblings get rich. I was usually the banker as no one ever seemed to want that job.

I have always felt that there must be more to monopoly so when I saw monopoly Junior at Christmas in July I just knew it couldn’t be as boring as I always remembered, especially as it was a Monsters University edition!

I have to say I loved it.

I was setting it out to take a photo and read through the rules the other evening and me and Hubby ended up playing it. 45 minutes later and he had run out of screams and I had 8 monsters as well as lots of screams in my hand and was announced a clear winner.

Now that is the sort of game I enjoy!

I do like the fact that the board is smaller, I love the report cards that are a great way of speeding up the game play and stopping you all following behind one leader.

The game was easy to play, used simple mathematics and friendly well known characters which works well in getting the girls to enjoy the game and want to start playing in the first place.