Minions Tumbling Stuart from Thinkway Toys


Some toys are going to be a huge hit before they are even out of the box and from the look on Alison’s face when she realised we had been sent the Thinkways Toy Tumblin’ Stuart that she had been begging for since watching the advert I just knew this was one of those and it didn’t disappoint.

Tumblin’ Stuart takes 6 AA batteries (demo batteries included) which are stored in his feet. He reacts to your voice or by pressing his head. Stuart falls over and tries to get up whilst saying phrases from the movie and making other noises.

It is difficult to describe Tumblin’ Stuart in a way that will make you understand just how funny he really is so here is a video instead.

I predict that Tumblin’ Stuart will stay in the top ten toys list as the year progresses. Thinkway Toys also have a variety of other Minion toys available including the Talking Minion Action figures, Dancing Stuart and some smaller action figures as well as some adorable plush minions. You can see a selection of the Minion toys on the Thinkway Toys website.