Micro Toy Box – mini collectables for big imaginations AD

We were recently asked to review Micro Toy Box and although my girls have grown out of a lot of toys now, Alison was really interested in seeing these. You see we had previously bought a similar competitor product and been disappointed but the quality of some of the items which basically ended up straight in the bin. How would these compare?

The first thing to note is that Micro Toy Box are available in a range of pack sizes. The 5 toy pack has 1 visible toy, the 10 toy pack has 6 visible toys and the 20 pack has 14 visible toys. This is great as it still has the element of surprise but if there is one that you know they really want then they can check all of the packets and find one that has that visible.

The Micro Toy Box range has 50 to collect and due to the size, they are recommended for ages 8 plus. The toys are mostly recognisable to us here in the UK although there are a few more American ones such as Candyland.

The one big improvement that I found over the competition is the quality of the packaging of the toys. The board game minis are actually plastic with very high-quality stickers meaning they are really robust and the items such as the My Little Pony and Power ranger can be removed from their packaging without damaging it which means they can be put back again.

We loved the fact that the toys were real classics that represented a wide range of ages and yet were still recognisable. In fact, I only had to look up what the Mattel Electronic game was as I knew all of the others. I would say that my only disappointment and it is a small one is that the barrel doesn’t open so I can store the monkeys inside because they are tiny and easy to lose.

The Micro Toy Box range as with any collectable has different levels of rarity to them and they even have a mystery toy which we assume to be the Gloworm as it doesn’t appear on the collection sheet.

Alison has added the Micro Toy Box toys to her Sylvanian families collection as they are the perfect size for her to get the characters to play with and keep her imagination alive.

You can purchase Micro Toy Box from Smyths Toys