Mathable Junior by Wooky Toys

What better way to help children practice their numeracy skills than with Mathable® Junior. This game is a great introduction to the world of playing with numbers.
The reversible game board can be played in two different ways and has 60
tiles. Children from age 5 up can begin their journey and compete to get the
highest score. (RRP £14.99)

Its not often I quote the press information for a product but I really impressed with this. Although Elizabeth is only just turned 4 she is very good with numbers and is able to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 10 fairly easy. We have enjoyed playing this game together, trying to use our tiles to make a sum. In the few short weeks I have had this game I have also noted a huge improvement in Alisons number recognition. She is now able to reliable identify most numbers between 1 and 10.

A great game that allows progression onto harder mathematics by just flipping the board over. I can really see us using this for many years to come for different maths problems.