Lots of lovely Lego

Over the past month the girls have been working had reviewing a variety of different types of Lego, yeah I know a great job to have if only they would let me have a go!

Batman Duplo


Lego Duplo has never really appealed to Alison, although it is the only type of lego she can build with absolutely no help from a grown up, however when she attended a Christmas in July event with me last month and saw that Duplo now has Batman well
that was a whole different story!

With super cute Batman and Joker figures plus an awesome looking Batmobile the new Lego Duplo Batman range is perfect for those smaller super hero fans. Alison was able to build the set all by herself and she even experimented with the other ways to build it at the back of the book, something we have never done before.

With large colourful pieces and easy to follow picture instructions she had demolished and rebuilt this lots of times and has even been using her imagination to create her own little batcave or Jokers hideout.

She may be at the higher end of the age range for Duplo but that does not stop the creativity, imagination or fun that a licensed Duplo set can bring to a huge Batman fan like Alison.

Juniors Batman


Sticking with the Batman theme but moving into the new Juniors range things start to get more complicated. With smaller less colourful pieces Alison started to struggle to put some of the bits together however with the large wall pieces and car chassis she was still able to do the majority of it by herself. The figures in this set include Robin, Batman and the Joker and are classic Lego figure size.

We were also sent a very similar Juniors set for the police which worked on the same basis and actually look very alike. I love to see how the Juniors pieces can be used to cross over the different styles.

The Juniors set we received depicted a police station with two officers, a robber and a police dog and included a police car and motorbike. This is a great starter set and the best thing is that Lego Juniors is completely compatible with the original Lego so the sets can be played with for years to come as the building techniques improve.


Princess Lego


So as Elizabeth didn’t feel left out we were sent this fantastic Rapunzel tower. The attention to detail with this set is fantastic and includes many of the things you would expect to see in her tower including her painting items, her saucepan, Pascal and obviously a hairbrush. The set comes with hidden stairs a four layer tower and a Flynn and Rapunzel figure. I have to say that this was one of the most annoying sets I have ever had the pleasure to build as the base kept breaking however I added a few bigg supports from our own collection and it held it together to allow us to continue with our build minus the frustration.

Elizabeth loved sticking the stickers on the tower and I feel that they really added to the authenticity of the set. This set is great for princess fans and we cant wait to see the other Disney princess sets they have available as now she has built one she wants them all!