Lego Elves 41185 and 41184

Out of all the Lego sets I have a real soft spot for the Lego Elves sets. The mixture of fantasy creatures and Lego creativity makes the sets interesting to build and play with. We were recently set the Lego Elves Magic Rescue from the Goblin village 41185 set and Aria’s Airship & Amulet Chase 41184 set.

Aria’s Airship & Amulet Chase 41184

I decided to build the airship set first as I was intrigued by the airship shape and the pieces involved in the build.

Being able to make a balloon shape out of Lego is pretty spectacular and that isn’t all this set can do.

The airship has lots of fabulous play features such as hidden compartments and a steering wheel.

The bit that I love the most though is the wings which can be controlled by pulling the white stick at the back of the airship. This flaps the wings by pulling it in and out.

The Airship set also comes with Dukelin the Goblin and his flying backpack (Goblin Glider). The Goblins are really cute although they are supposed to be evil. The theme behind this set is that Dukelin has stolen Emily Jones’ amulet and you chase him down on the airship using Aira’s wind powers to catch him before he takes the amulet to the Goblin King.

The Aira’s Airship and the amulet chase 41184 set retails at £39.99 and includes Aira, Emily Jones and Dukelin the Goblin as well as the airship and the goblin glider. It is a good size set to build with 3 bags and minimal stickers but a lot of playability.

Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village 41185

I usually shy away from the bigger Lego sets as they take so long to build but I loved the fact that the Goblin village was actually made up of lots of smaller buildings rather than one big build. This meant the girls could play with one bit whilst I finished with the rest of it.

The Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village set tells the story of Azari Firedancer and Farran Leafshade as they sneak into the Goblin Village to rescue the captured animals and search for Sophie Jones. The set includes three buildings and lots of smaller accessories as well as three Goblin figures.

Each of the different Goblin buildings have a different purpose including a Crystal and Cage making workshop and a jail. There are drawers to open, tools to use, secret hiding places to find and lots more than make this Lego Elves set a great set to play with whilst using your imagination.

I love the attention to detail such as the toilet, the fire to cook the chicken and the working axe. As well as the buildings you also get a cage cart and a catapult.

The set comes with Azari Firedancer, Farran Leafshade, Hidee the chameleon, Panthara the panther and three Goblins, Fibblin, Smilin and Bieblin.

I had great fun building these sets and my girls have both enjoyed playing with them. The sets encourage imagination play whilst also giving a story line that the children can follow. Lego Elves have lots of brilliant sets all set in Elvendale that follow the adventures of the Jones sisters and their elf friends as they battle against the Goblin King and his goblins.