Leapreader interactive books

We love our Leapreader pen so being sent new books to explore is always an exciting time.

We have been send the following two books. They are for different age groups with the Doc McStuffin one starting from the age of 4 and the Tinkerbell one starting from 5.
First up is Doc McStuffins The New Girl! This is a story we know well from the TV series and that helps the girls to be able to follow the book with ease. With fun games and questions to answer it is a really interactive book. Elizabeth has moved in to having the Leapreader pen help her to read a book, only touching a word she doesn’t know which is brilliant whilst Alison still has the pen read the whole story to her but she enjoys the games.
Next we look at Tinker Bell with tinker Bell’s true talent. Again this is a story we know well from the original Tinker Bell movie. This book has more words than the Doc McStuffins book so it is more of a challenge to Elizabeth to read. There are lots of games to play/answer and this book even includes a game that has two difficulty levels for an added challenge.
Both books are fantastic and the girls really enjoy reading them although Alison is starting to demand that we get some boy books for her as these are far too girly!