Kate and Mim-Mim

Kate & Mim-Mim is a new animated series for CBeebies which follows the fantastical adventures of five-year-old Kate and her toy bunny Mim-Mim as they travel to the imaginary world of Mimiloo, where Mim-Mim transforms into a larger-than-life friend. Inspired by a real life girl, Kate is enthusiastic, curious and she has a brilliant imagination.

Whenever Kate needs to solve a problem at home she travels to Mimiloo. Here, Kate can be and do anything, from being a princess, playing cowgirl or leading a pirate treasure hunt!

With a different challenge every day, Kate and Mim-Mim have the best adventures with their special Mimiloo friends. By the time Kate and Mim-Mim’s adventure is over, Kate has a clever solution to her puzzle and can’t wait to get home to tell Mum and Dad all about it.

On Monday 28th July Kate and her Mimiloo friends ready themselves for the Rip Roaring Race at the Rumbly Race Track. Tuesday sees Kate & Mim-Mim on a wild underground pursuit after a wiggly seed, whilst on Wednesday all the colour is drained from the Crayon Cliffs. A flurry of Mitty Cats have taken over Lily and Boomer’s house on Thursday and finally on Friday Kate has to find Mim-Mim’s missing tail.

It will be a week full of fabulous fun that we will record as we are away on holiday and we look forward to catching up with all the adventures on our return.