Jurassic Jimmy – WOW toys


Do you know how much we love WOW toys in our house?

We have quite a few and when Elizabeth was in hospital they even sent her Robin’s Medical Rescue to cheer her up. Its a great company and they didn’t want Alison to feel left out so not only did they donate a Ronnie’s Rocket but they also sent us Jurassic Jimmy for Alison.

As a mum WOW toys cover all the things I want in a toy, no batteries, hard wearing and they all work together so the kids can use their imaginations more. The figures from one set fit in all the others and the cars and trucks have magnets on them so you can swap and change the trailers.

WOW make girls toys, boys toys and unisex toys although of course the boys love the girls ones and visa-versa. When I was a childminder I didn’t mind the children getting these out as I knew they were easy to clean and really unlikely to break no matter how rough they were with them.

Jurassic Jimmy and Robin’s Medical rescue are both brilliant toys where not only is the attention to detail in the design but the accessories that go with it allow such great playability. I have some WOW toys on the Christmas lists for nieces and nephews as I know they can be played with for years to come.