John Adams Golden Coin Maker


If you have kids I guarantee at some point you would have been asked to buy this or something similar. A golden egg maker maybe or a chocolate lolly maker.

To begin with I was really surprised by age range, for 6 to 12 years. My girls are 3 and 4 and they really wanted it. However once I opened it and read the instructions I soon realised why. To play with this set you need a lot of patience and very good finger control, you also need chocolate!

Yep that is right, the chocolate golden coin maker doesnt come with any chocolate, not such a good thing if you didnt read the box first. I was lucky and I happened to find some cheap cooking chocolate in the baking cupboard, if it hadn’t of been there I would have had two very upset children.

The actual machine itself worked really well. It allows you to mold the coins and wrap them in the foil. We did find the foil was a little bit hard to cut, but again a little bit of patience and I managed to get some perfect circles.

Melting the chocolate by the instructions method was very time consuming so I cheated and placed my chocolate in the microwave, I also froze our coins before wrapping them because the girls were not very quick and they started to melt first time round and therefore the coins didnt look so good

I would have shown you some I made earlier but the girls ate them before I could take a picture.

We received the Golden Coin Maker for the purpose of this review