Hungry House – Takeaway ordering via app

Having a takeaway is one of my favourite things to do but finding a good one and knowing what to order drives me mad. I worked with Hungry House at Blog On and I was really interested to test out their service so decided to do so using their app.
With only 10% battery which was dwindling fast I decided to put the app to the test, could I order the takeaway from somewhere we have never tried before and do it before my phone died completely.

Unfortunately for me I got half way through choosing what we were having for dinner before I remembered to do the screen shots so I had to go back and start again! Anyway we decided we fancied an Indian so I used the cuisine selection to show me our options.

Kashmiri Spice had four stars and over 763 reviews so I decided to read a few of the more recent reviews and I was ready to place my order with them.
I love the fact that the food was placed in easy to access categories, this meant I could go for exactly what we fancied without sorting through too much other tempting stuff. I am always aware that when faced with too many choices it just becomes even harder to select what to eat.
Placing the order was really simple and seeing each step meant I was aware that the restaurant had received my order which is always a worry when you don’t speak to them directly.

The food arrived quickly, as described and was delicious. I love trying new takeaway restaurants and using an app like Hungry House you can get access to a huge amount that are able to deliver to you no matter where you are.