George Home Wooden Cherry shop & cafe #WhatWOODYouPlay 

We love Wooden toys that help to promote imaginative play and we have always found the George Wooden toys to be good quality at a decent price and The Wooden Cherry Shop and Cafe is no exception.
Now this build wasn’t plain sailing. The first one arrived without any screws but as they were all attached to a sheet of cardboard this might have fallen out at some point. Once we got the screws I got to work. It went together well apart from one bit where I was supposed to put a small knob on the side to hang the menu board on. The knob didnt have a hole in it to put the screw in and it was too tough to screw it in without this so I gave up on that bit. However those two issues aside the Cherry Shop and Cafe is a fantastic item that allows the kids to play in two different environments using the same toy which really makes it a worthwhile purchase for parents as you know it will get a lot of use. I just wish it had come with some chalk or some accessories to just make it that littlebit better but for £35 I think it is a real bargain.