Funky Giraffe Tshirts


At this time of year I really struggle to find long sleeved Tshirts. why do they sell winter clothes in the mild autumn but as soon as it turns chilly its all spring and sunshine in the shops.

I was offered the opportunity to review a Tshirt or Dress from Funky Giraffe Bibs and it was so hard to choose. Although not picture Alison has this super cute Green Intrepid Explorer tshirt which is currently in the wash because she wears it so much.

Elizabeth loves her Yellow Funky Giraffe Long Sleeved Tshirt and as you can see the sizes are very generous. This is the largest they do at 36 to 48 months and it is big so I would recommend going for a smaller size. They wash really well and this one has been through the machine a few times. I am impressed that the picture has yet to crack or look warn in any way which usually happens quite quickly on tshirts like this. At £9 for one and getting cheaper the more you buy they are really good value and with Elizabeth having sensitive skin I know that the Tshirt won’t irritate her because it is 100% cotton.