Flymo UltraGlide – No gardener required

Five years ago when we moved in to our house we took one look at the garden and found ourselves a gardener. It is not that we were unable to look after it, it is just that we didnt have anywhere to store any of the garden tools. After paying £15 every time our gardener visited for the last five years we finally have a shed and that means we can start filling it with everything we need to keep our garden looking amazing.
The Flymo Ultra Glide was really simple to use and can cut the grass very short. In fact it has four cutting lengths ranging from 13mm-32mm. It also enables you to get really close to the edges which means you get an all over better looking lawn. Our grass was looking very over grown when the Flymo Ultra Glide arrived Hubby was very reluctant to get started. He assumed that it would take ages to cut the lawn and was amazed to find that just 15 minutes later he was all finished and emptying the cut grass into our green bin.
The Flymo Ultra Glide is designed for medium – large domestic lawns so is the perfect size for our garden and I reckon with a bit of practice Hubby will be able to put the perfect lines in our lawn that our gardener always managed to do. It looks so much better after just one cut. The Flymo Ultra Glide uses its’ DuoTech system which allowed Hubby to mow over the edges of our lawn on to the patio without losing the cushion of air required for it to operate – unlike all other traditional hover mowers. This meant we didnt need a stripper to get the edges as the mower was able to get it all.
Just passing over the grass once produced a fantastic even result as you can see from the picture below.

The Flymo Ultra Glide has a fold down handle and two transport wheels on the front which enable it to move manouvered easily. It also features a 30L integrated grass box that means you wont need to scoop up any cut grass and can just empty the grass box really easily, it even has a vision window so you can see how full it is.

We will now be able to keep our garden looking fabulous all year round thanks to the Flymo Ultra Glide and the neighbours have even asked if they can borrow it too!