Fidget spinner crazy

I don’t know about you but my girls are fidget spinner crazy and every where we go they point out all of the different fidget spinners on sale everywhere.

Now most of these fidget spinners are really cheap and poor quality so it was great to see some companies stepping up to the mark and producing high quality fidget spinners that not only look great but that spin really well.

We have been sent a selection of spinners from a variety of companies to check out.

The first fidget spinners that we are looking at are the metal Bladez Toys spinners in the Barbie and Hot Wheels designs.

These metal fidget spinners are really well made with bright designs and they spin for ages. The flat middle section means that they can be stacked easily and are great for performing tricks.

As well as the metal fidget spinners there are also a huge amount of light up spinners available. Zing toys sent me two different types of light up spinners which my girls love.

The SpinBladez are a triple bladed spinner with three different lights.

They are able to be stacked using the included double spin pin.

Zing Toys have also created the SpinZipz which are a two bladed light up spinner. They are well weighted and the LEDs are really bright.

I don’t think that the fidget spinner craze will be disappearing anytime soon and with so many awesome spinners on the market it is just fueling the interest in them.