Everything Tablet – 360 degree rotating Nexus 7 case

We were sent the everything tablet 360 degree rotating case for Gaming Daddy of Two’s Nexus 7. I loved the colour and feel of this case and the 360° rotating mechanism enabled the Nexus to easily rotate into both portrait and landscape positions which is perfect for whatever we were doing. The Nexus 7 is lightweight and slim so the last thing we wanted to do was stick a thick, heavy case on it and weighing in at less than 200 grams this case really doesn’t add much bulk to the tablet at all.
We have had lots of cases for tablets in the past but usually find them to be cheap quality and easy to break. The everything tablet 360 degree rotating case is well built and has lasted through a month of testing so far with no issues to report. I would definitely recommend this case if you take your nexus out and about with you.