Drumond Park – Logo Grab

Another new game from Drumond Park is LOGO Grab £14.99 (rrp).

The rules are simple, roll the dice and match the letter to one of the logos in front of you. Grab the corresponding dice. The objective is to be the first to collect two sets of three coloured big brand cards.

To start, players simply deal and lay out a 3 x 3 grid of shuffled LOGO cards, face up.  Then they take it in turns to take four of the eight ‘letter dice’ out of the bag and roll them onto the playing table.  At this point everyone goes into brain-churning top gear, all striving to match any of the letters on the dice with the first letter of one of the brand names displayed on the cards.  As soon as someone makes the connection, they shout out the brand name and make a grab for that particular dice. The really tricky bit ones when you have grabbed the dice, does it jingle? If the dice is silent you get  to keep the LOGO card but if the bell inside the dice rings out you lose a card.  Only two of the eight dice have bells inside but they seem to pop up very frequently.

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