Did you know you can design your own Trunki?

We have been huge fans of the Trunki suitcases since we first saw them on Dragons Den all those years ago. I have many photos from our early holidays where both kids were either pulling their Trunki behind them or riding on it around the airport. In fact, we ended up passing our Trunki cases on to other family members as our kids outgrew them and they have had a few over the years as they liked different designs (see the end of this post for old photos of my girls with their Trunki’s).

Anyway, fast forward to the present and I was offered the chance to use the Trunki Customiser to create my very own Trunki design. Now you could go all out using a different colour for every element but I wanted to design something that looks great.

When using the Trunki Customer to design your own Trunki you can choose a base colour from 10 standard colours or 3 premium colours which cost £5 more. The standard colours are blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, black, pink, grey or white. The three premium colours are white, orange and pink all with animal print stripes on them.

Once you have chosen your base colour you then choose your nose, trim stripe and horns. All of these are from the ten standard colours. As you can see from my design I chose purple horns and stripe and a black nose.

After this, you choose your handle fabric colour again from the ten standard colours.

When it comes to the wheels you can choose to colour of the hubcap and the wheel.

On the inside, you can choose between white and black for the cotton bag and between the 10 different colours for the luggage strap. You can also choose a shoulder strap.

Being able to choose all of these colours and completely customise your design means that you can own a very special Trunki and you even receive a birth certificate telling you who made it and on which date. Each Trunki also comes with a 5 year guarantee so you know that they have been built to last.

Trunki specifications

Each Trunki features the below

  • Locking catches using the key on the shoulder strap
  • 18 litre capacity
  • 2 in 1 Shoulder strap can be used for towing or carrying

Create your own Trunki here https://www.trunki.co.uk/pages/trunki-customiser