Cra-z-slimy creations super slime studio

Alison loves making slime. It is her favourite thing to do and we have tested a lot of slime kits so when the Cra-z-slimy creations super slime studio was listed in the Dream Toys top 12 I knew we had to give it a try.

The Super slime studio includes 6 paint posts (blue, yellow, pink and green), 3 glitter tubes, confetti, crunch, 4 empty tubs with lids, measuring cup, white glue, clear glue, slime activator, spoon, stir sticks and a slime mixer.

The instructions ask you to mix the ingredients with water in the slime mixer and they provide instructions to make glitter slime, confetti slime, crunchy slime, neon slime, mermaid slime, unicorn slime, galaxy slim and rainbow slime.

The instructions are easy to follow and the slime does look good but Alison says that the slime is not very slimy. The slime activator is very strong so if you put too much in then the slime goes very rubbery. Apart from that the super slime studio is a great set that allows you to make a huge variety of slime and there is more than enough slime activator to keep making slime when you run out of the glue included in this set.