CODE Donut Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I was recently sent the CODE Donut speaker to review, but before I even got a chance to play with the device, it was snatched from my grasp by GamingDaddyof2.  He’s not stopped raving about it or connecting it to all the Bluetooth devices in our house.  With the amount of uses we found for the device I think it’s well worth the price. 
At first we connected the Donut speaker to our phones and tablets, which allowed us to enjoy music or YouTube clips with bigger and better sound.  We then realised that you can answer phone calls through the Donut, as it has a little microphone built into the side.  This would be useful for any car owners out there who doesn’t already have a Bluetooth hands free kit. 

GamingDaddyof2 was really pleased with himself when he was able to connect the Donut speaker to his PS Vita.  He also tells me that you can connect it to your PS3 and use it like a headset for talking to other players on multiplayer games.

Setup was fairly easy but we did have to consult the instructions before trying to pair devices.  The Donut has three buttons, two of which are used to control volume and one to turn the speaker on/off.  After charging the speaker for about 2 hours (via micro USB), turn it on and you’ll notice a blue LED start to flash.  Using your phone/tablet look for the Donut and select it to pair up.  You know it’s done when the LED stays on permanently. My only complaint is that I had never used it and took it away with me but left the instruction book at home so I couldn’t work out how to connect it. It would be good if the connectivity button had the bluetooth signal on it to make it more obvious.

 If you’re tech savy then you will probably want to pair up using the NFC tag provided in the box. Unfortunately non of our devices support this technology at the moment.

The speaker does say it works up to 30 foot away but we found it started to get crackly after 25 foot, which is still a fantastic distance. We’ll be going on holiday soon, so this little device will be finding it’s way into our suitcase so the girls can listen to their favourite music on the beach and when we go on picnics.

Not only is it a great portable size but you dont need to worry about breaking bits off due to its shape and the girls love it because it looks child friendly. You can buy the CODE Donut speaker from Amazon in Pink, Orange, Black or White.