Chuggington’s Portable Double Decker Roundhouse

It’s not often that a toy comes through our door that my husband loves. I mean really the scowls I get when he comes home to see another parcel has been delivered were getting worse every day. When he saw the Chuggington roundhouse though his expression changed. Forget the playability bit at the moment this is a serious tidy freak pleasing toy.

It all goes inside itself or clips on. It even has a handle to hold it. He was very impressed.

I love the vehicle lift, one press of the button and up it shoots. However I was disappointed that it only came with a small amount of track. This didn’t seem to be a problem for Alison, she loves playing with this and is even able to tidy away after herself.

Tomy gave us a Chuggington Portable Double Roundhouse to review.