Bubble Buster Kazoo


We loved the original Bubble Buster game but Hubby constantly put the bubble blower on its side and got the bubbles into the mechanism.

Bubble Buster Kazoo by Drumond Park is a two person game that takes out the competitive side found in the original Bubble Buster.

As one person blows the Kazoo the other catches the bubbles with the special bubble wand. The wand makes a ping noise as it catches the bubbles so you can count how many you catch.

This has been a huge hit this summer in the garden and although it took the girls a few attempts to work out how to blow the kazoo successfully they soon worked it out.

Its a great little game that they can get of the shelf themselves and has them playing together more than ever.

They did run out of bubbles fairly quickly but that just shows how popular the game is and I have just refilled the bottle from a larger bottle of bubble mixture that I own.I love the fact that at only £9.99 is it a perfect summer holiday treat for the kids to play with and it can keep them occupied for many hours.