BT Smart Home Cam 100

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m beginning to dread receiving emails from travel companies offering free review breaks for the family and I.  Hubby even more so as he worries about the neighbours looking after the cats and whether they’re crapping all over the house.  Thankfully I was sent a piece of technology that will hopefully both lighten his mood and ease his worries.  The BT Smart Home Cam is a simple but awesome bit of kit.  When the packaging boasts ‘Home video monitoring on the move’, which can be watched in High Definition on your phone, tablet or laptop, then you know this is something you’ve got to try.

Setting up the device was a doddle, download the app, connect the camera to a power supply, sync it to the home’s WiFi, create an account on the BT app and voilà!, I can now start spying on what the cats get up to whilst we’re away.  What’s even more interesting is that you can set the camera to alert you when it detects motion in the room or even outside the front door if that’s where you want it to view.  From there you can view what’s going in HD or night vision mode, and even record clips to your smart device.  Just ensure that it has sufficient memory to do so.

The app itself is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Market, but the camera retails at about £99.99.  Due to it’s ease of use and setup, I would highly recommend this device to any friends or family who seek some form of extra security for their house, or for those who are like my Hubby and just want to keep a close eye on the pets whilst he’s away.