Brainbox Bounce cards

We have always enjoyed the Brainbox games but the big square boxes don’t lend themselves to being easy to transport so when I heard about the new Brainbox Bounce cards I knew that they could be the answer. Teaching kids how to pay attention to details is really important and the Brainbox games are perfect for that.

The Brainbox Bounce cards have two ways to play. The first game involves looking at the card for around 10 seconds and then passing it to the player on your left. They then ask you the first question on the card. Once all the players have answered question one you observe the card now in your hand for 10 seconds. Pass to the player on your left and then answer question 2. If you get the question wrong you are out of the game. Continue until all the questions have been asked or until one winner is declared.

The second way to play is by playing spot the difference. All the cards have a pair and there are eight differences between them. The cards feature a variety of different animals and animal scenes which the girls loved.
Being able to pack these cards in my handbag when we go out for meals or for travelling means that we always have something on hand to occupy the kids. They can either play spot the difference by themselves or bounce the cards between themselves asking each other questions which helps to improve their reading, understanding and observational skills. Not only will they be learning without realising it but it is fun too and with all the of the images being full of interesting things to look at they wont get bored quickly!