Boingy Cushions

We have been been having a bit of a problem in our house this week, it seems that we all want the same thing. When I ordered my Boingy Cushion I chose a design I liked. I selected the size that would be perfect for my office chair. Alas it didn’t stay here for very long.
My Boingy cushion was first stolen by Elizabeth who assumed because it was pink it was hers, then Alison decided it would make a great seat whilst playing disney infinity, then hubby decided to use it whilst watching a film. It is an extremely comfortable cushion, almost too comfortable, after all if it wasn’t I would still be resting my back against it right now.

Boingy cushions are made from high quality Lycra which is durable, washable and flexible. It fits tightly around the inner which gives it its springy nature. The inner has been made to maintain its shape within the cover, yet it give a fantastic level of comfort and cuddliness.

You can get your hands on your very own Boingy cushion in my tombola which starts on 17th October.