Big Potato Games – Blockbuster Party Game

I am a huge fan of Big Potato games and I was very excited to receive the new Blockbuster party game which is a movie trivia game where you compete in two teams.

The Blockbuster game is for ages 12 plus (mostly because the movie knowledge may be a bit old) and is for 4 players plus as you need at least two players on each team. In the box, you will find the sound effect buzzer (Requires 2 AAA batteries), Head to head cards, Movie cards, car park sign (with stickers to attach) and the car park board that folds up to look like a VHS tape. The whole game is stored in a VHS style box to add to the nostalgia.

The aim of the game is to be the first team to collect a movie from all eight genres. These are Action, All-time classics, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Family, Animation and Sci-fi & Fantasy.

To begin to play, one player from each of the two teams competes in the head to head round. Both players sit opposite each other with the Blockbuster buzzer between them. One of the head to head cards are turned over and the first person to think of a movie should it out and presses the buzzer. This starts a 15-second countdown for the next player to think of a movie. This continues until someone can’t think of a movie within the time frame. The winners’ team takes the advantage into the movie round.

The player who won the head to head round draws 6 cards from the movie cards deck and secretly looks at them. They give the hardest three to their opponent and keeps the other three to themselves. They are not allowed to show these to their team mates.

Both players must now decide where to place the cards on the car park board. The three options are one word, quote it and act it.

When everyone is ready the player who won the head to head round presses the buzzer for 2 seconds to start the 30 seconds buzzer. They can tackle the three cards in any order. Once a movie has been guessed the card is flipped over. If they manage to flip over all three of their cards they can try and steal their opponent’s cards by looking at them and describing them in the same way. When the timer finishes all of the cards guessed correctly are added to their collection.

Here are some examples

One word – Speed = you might use the word “fast” or “bomb” Dracula = You might use the word “Vampire”

Quote it – Back to the future = you might use the quote “Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine”. The Life of Brian = you might use the quote “He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”

Act it = A nightmare on Elm street you might pretend you have fingers like Freddie Krugar and for Titanic, you might pretend you are stood at the front of the ship or drowning.

Once the first team has played the second team gets 30 seconds to make their guesses. As with the first team if they manage to guess all of theirs then they can steal any remaining cards from the other team.

Two new players are chosen for the head to head round and play starts again until a team has all 8 movie category cards. At the end of each movie round, there is a sneaky opportunity to steal a movie from the opposing team. To do this you must discard 3 movie cards of the same genre to be able to take one from the opposite team. You can only do this once per round.

This Blockbuster game is so much fun and really tests your movie knowledge. It is definitely a game that I recommend for family or friend groups who like to get competitive and have great movie knowledge.