Have you ever heard of BabyTV  – the world’s leading, 24/7 advertisement-free channel for babies, toddlers and their parents?

BabyTV know that parenting is not a 9-5 job and that is why BabyTV is here for parents 24/7 providing their babies and toddlers with a safe, fun, and happy, advertisement free environment they can enjoy together!

BabyTV is aired in over 100 countries worldwide and is available in 18 languages. In the UK BabyTV is available on SKY 623, Virgin and BT Vision and is a great opportunity for parents to introduce their children to top quality shows.

Now when my kids were babies there was many times in the middle of the night that I struggled to find some form of tv that would entertain them quietly whilst I made them a feed or changed them or fell asleep exhausted on the sofa next to them babbling away but unfortunately I never found BabyTV and this is why I want to tell you all about it.

During the day BabyTV features short programmes interluded by clips of favourite Children’s Songs. The daytime schedule is active, engaging and fun, and geared to promote interaction. At night, BabyTV broadcasts soft music and gently moving visuals designed to help soothe waking babies and create a calm atmosphere in the home.

The programmes featured on BabyTV are part of our rich and diverse library of dedicated content for babies and toddlers. BabyTV’s library features many original series that have been created by our dedicated team.

I hate advertisements on childrens tv so this is definitely a positive about BabyTV, the other thing I hate is inappropriate programs. For years whenever my girls were awake and the tv was on it was only allowed to be on childrens channels. This has gradually changed to allow some other programs such as football or the simpsons but we are still quite strict about what is on, after all they are only 4 and 6.

BabyTV have a huge array of programs using a variety of characters and they introduce Babies to nursery rhymes, colours, shapes and more basic learning concepts. In fact BabyTV have 10 Key Learning Categories that make up their My first years library.

  1. Guessing games
  2. Building Friendships
  3. Activities
  4. Nature and animals
  5. First Concepts
  6. Music and Art
  7. Bedtime
  8. Songs and Rhymes
  9. Happy to be
  10. Imagination and creativity

To accompany the tv channel you can also get a variety of apps that allows you to watch some of the episodes and play games. The apps are available on iOS – see the apps by BabyTV


Good Night Little Bear Program


If you have a young one to entertain and you want to keep them away from adverts yet value the fact that TV can be useful in supporting young minds then why not check out BabyTV and let me know which program your kids like the most.