Baby Annabell


Now if only all babies were as easy to deal with as our Baby Annabell I would definitely have some more. I don’t suppose babies come with an off switch though.

Baby Annabell has realistic facial movements and sucks her bottle and dummy, she falls asleep after a slight squeeze of her cheeks and I am yet to hear her cry despite us trying to make her cry. In all fairness the movements creep me out a little bit as they are very lifelike but the girls love it. I also love the fact that you can hear her gently breathe when you first put her to sleep. In fact she makes quite a  few realistic sounds including her sucking reflex and her drinking noises. With a soft body that holds the battery pack and plastic arms, legs and head I was concerned about the joints where the plastic meets the material but the joints are very well made.

The Baby Annabell doll we received comes with one outfit, a dummy attached to a small cloth and a bottle. Neither of my girls have been that interested in baby dolls in the past as they much preferred using their pushchairs with their cuddly toys but they have both been taken by Baby Annabell and they have taken it in turns to care for her, feed her and sleep with her in their bedrooms.

Now I know the girls are interested I might have to get another one and there is a great collection of Baby Annabell toys available in Argos. I just hope I can get another quiet one.