Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls by Hasbro

My girls are not big fans of dolls but when you have a doll that poos in her nappy well they are interested in that one. We were sent the Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls by Hasbro last month and both of my girls had great fun feeding her and making her mess herself.

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls baby comes in a range of styles with both boys and girls with different skin tones and hair. She is suitable for children aged 3 plus and does not require any batteries.

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls baby comes with two nappies, two sachets of food, a spoon, comb, bottle and a food blender.

The food is really easy to mix with water and the only downside would be that there are only two sachets of food and only two nappies which are not reusable. You can, however, buy extra sachets of baby alive powdered food and baby alive nappies on Amazon. The nappies are quite expensive so you might want to look to see if premature baby nappies are better value.

To feed Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls without making too much mess them we recommend leaning her back slightly. This makes it easier to pour the food into her mouth. After you have fed her simply give her some water in her bottle to help to flush her out and clear the food through.

The resulting mess is pretty disgusting which means the kids absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend having some wet wipes on hand to help with the clean up as the food gets everywhere.

Both of my girls really enjoyed playing with Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls but as a parent, I would have preferred to have received more food and nappies to allow them to play with it for longer without the need of additional items.