Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch

When I went to the Nintendo Switch preview event there were quite a few games that I knew we would play as a family but there was one game that really appealed to me. Snipperclips is a problem-solving game that requires thought before action and it really intrigued me.

Snipperclips can be played with others in the co-operative mode which means you can work together to think creatively to solve the problems. However, I can’t see me playing this with anyone apart from my mum so I was really glad that you can play in single player mode too. When playing together, each player holds their Joy-Con horizontally and you work together to cut each other’s paper characters into the shapes needed to solve the puzzles.


When playing as a single player you can use either one joy-con or the Switch in handheld mode. You can switch between the two paper characters using the X button. The Y button allows you to reform. The A button allows you to cut the other player. You can tilt the characters using the shoulder buttons.
There are a variety of levels and puzzles to beat and they each have different things that you need to accomplish from getting the balls where you need them to be, delivering eggs to the right basket or cutting your characters to ensure that you fit inside the right shape.

Snipperclips is the ideal game for me. It tests my brain and makes me think whilst not taking too much of my time to play. It is a great game to play whilst travelling and the more levels you play, the more you unlock.

There are also two modes of play that I have yet to try. These are party mode and versus mode where two to four players can play together to either work together or to compete.

Snipperclips is available in the Nintendo eShop for £17.99 but if you are not sure if you want to invest then you can download a demo version and give it a try for yourself.