Nintendo LABO VR

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to a very special Nintendo LABO VR preview to learn about the toy-cons and the game and take one of the LABO VR Toy-con Kit 4 home with us.

The LABO VR Toy-con kit 4 retails at £69.99 and includes all of the currently releaseD LABO VR toy-cons.

Now I know some people were initially wary about placing their switch inside the cardboard VR goggles but you need not be concerned. Nintendo have built lots of safety features into the kit to stop the switch from falling out so as long as you make sure you follow the instructions carefully your switch is safe.

Suitable for 7 years plus the Nintendo LABO VR is a great introduction to VR yet is also thrilling for those who have experienced it before. The mini games that you can play with these toy-cons are fun, interactive and there is lots of variety in the games. You will also be able to use your Nintendo LABO VR goggles in Super Mario odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild by the end of the month with the free software updates.

The Toy-cons that come in the kit are the Goggles, the blaster, the camera, the bird, the elephant and the wind pedal.

The Nintendo LABO VR goggles feature some fantastic lenses which really help to immerse you into the games. The goggles toy-con then gets placed inside the other Toy-cons along with the joy-con controllers.

The Toy-cons were all fairly easy builds compared to some of the Toy-cons in previous sets with the blaster being the most intricate.

The Toy-Con blaster is a robust piece of kit that is pulled to reload. The blaster has a great clicking sound when fired that really adds to the experience of game play.

The camera has a clicking noise when you turn the lens to zoom and when paired with the snorkel has a great two person feature.

The bird Toy-con is my eldest daughters favourite piece from this set. Flap the wings to fly. When paired with the wind pedal below you can make your bird go faster and feel the wind in your face. The wind pedal also has its own games which an be quite energetic.

The elephant toy-con allows you to get artistic and use the trunk as a drawing tool in one of the many mini game. It is a great Toy-con to hold and fascinating in how it works.

There are so many games to try that you will soon find your favourites and as some of them are available in multiplayer you can really have fun as a family. Nintendo LABO VR is used whilst seated which makes it a lot safer for kids to use.

As with all of the Nintendo LABO sets there is also a discover section and toy-con garage where you can make your own VR games and see how developers created the games.

We would definitely recommend Nintendo LABO VR and we can’t wait to play more of the games over the coming weeks.